Unlock the Past Cruises

Unlock the Past Affiliate Programs

Do you have a web site, a blog or an email newsletter?

Do you post to social media sites?

Would you like to help publicise Unlock the Past events and at the same time earn a commission on any bookings made from your referral?

If so you are invited to join any, or all, of the current affiliate programs. Earn admission for each ticket bought by attendees that you refer using the link given on your site, blog, newsletter or social media post. It is easy to set up and requires no extra time or effort on your part once set up, other than the publicity you choose to give from time to time.

Current affiliate programs

  • Unlock the Past Queensland Expo 2012 - Click here to join the program.
    Earn $1.00 for each ticket bought by attendees from your referral

  • Audrey Collins Australian Tour 2012 - Click here to join the program.
    Earn $2.50 for each ticket bought by attendees from your referral

Please use your PayPal account email to sign up if you have one. This is the quickest and easiest way for payment to be made. If you do not have a PayPal account we will ask you for details (when payment is due) for direct deposit to your bank account.

What is an affiliate program?

It is simply a referral system that benefits everyone:

  • societies, businesses and others who sign up as affiliates benefit in several ways:
    - from a commission paid on every online booking made from their referral
    - from increased attendance and business if they are exhibiting
  • candidates to attend the event - more get to know about it
  • event speakers and exhibitors - through increased attendance

How it works

  • follow the link/s given above to join the program
  • use the referral link given on your web site, blog or email newsletter or social media post
  • you may also use the banner or "book now" graphic from our web site if you wish
  • from there you do not need to do anything, except perhaps periodically send out reminders to your subscribers or social media posts
  • you can access your affiliate stats from the My Referrals tab at www.eventbrite.com.au  to see how it is working for you
  • payment will be made to you shortly after the event, when bookings have closed and final referral numbers are known