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2018 Congress - Mar 2018
2018 Seminar - Seattle - Sep 2018
2018 UTP cruise - Alaska - Sep 2018
2019 UTP cruise - Mar 2019


World wide

World wide

Archaic medical terms

Mapping your ancestors

The use of maps can add a lot to your family history. There are many different kinds of maps showing geographical features, parish boundaries, Poor law Unions, political boundaries, historical maps, tithe maps and now Google Earth. This presentation will show how maps can be used to enhance your family history.


Founded in 2003, MyHeritage has grown to be one of the world's largest social networks and genealogy sites. It focuses primarily on connecting families offering SmartMatches to link families together. It also offers tagging of photos, free genealogy software, web research and more - in 38 different languages.



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