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World wide

Sharing Photos on the Web

There are a growing number of websites that allow you to share your photos with others without having to email them directly. You can make your photos public or share them securely with selected people. You can also find the pictures shared by others that may relate to your own family history, of people, buildings, and places. 

Online Trends in Family History

This talks looks at various Web 2.0 technology and how it can be used for family history research. In particular, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, nings, RSS and wikis will be discussed. 

Genealogy on the Web

Genealogical software programs (demonstration and how to use them)

Overview of common features, Reunion for Macintosh, Legacy, Family Tree Maker.

Facebook for Family Historians

Facebook helps people to connect and share information and the news of daily life with each other on the internet. It can help you to find and build lasting relationships with distant family members and reconnect with old school friends.  

This talk explains what Facebook is, how it works and how to protect yourself while using it. Live demonstrations can be given:

  • a working account (mine!) showing the different areas and options
  • how to start a new account and update the privacy settings


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