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Writing narrative non-fiction

Narrative non-fiction is a writing genre that is rapidly growing in popularity. Carol Baxter is the author of three works of narrative non-fiction – in her case, history told as a gripping story rather than a dry analysis – with more to be published in 2013 and 2014. This seminar provides guidelines to help you write books or articles or stories for family members that you can be proud of and that others will want to read.

– 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Don’t assume! Dealing with errors in original records

While researchers have to assume that most historical records are accurate (or there would be little point in undertaking historical research), everyone makes mistakes, including those producing the historical records of interest. This seminar explores the subject of inaccuracies in original records and provides strategies for overcoming the problems they can create.

– 30/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Family stories: truth, myth or a bit of both?

Most of us have heard stories that have been passed down through our families, sometime for one or two generations, sometimes for many. This seminar takes a look at family stories, and provides strategies for determining whether they are true or not. Attendees at longer seminars are welcome to provide a brief account (under one minute) of their own most outrageous and fallacious family story.

– 30/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Dodgy research: the immortality of bushranger Frederick Ward aka Captain Thunderbolt

Claims have been made that bushranger Frederick Ward did not die in 1870 but escaped to America where he lived out his days. This case study explores how spurious claims can be made about historical figures and how these claims can spread until they become matters of widespread belief. It also provides guidelines that assist in determining the truth or otherwise of such claims.

– 30/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Dodgy research: the Douglass controversy

Have you come across people desperate to have a famous or infamous ancestor, people who will sometimes manipulate information in order to achieve their dream? This case study examines the families of three early colonists with the surname Douglass, one a First Fleeter, and shows how researchers can misinterpret documents with dire consequences. It also reveals that much pre-twenty-first century research needs to be redone because old claims – including those regarding descent from First Fleeters – do not necessarily stand up to careful scrutiny.  

Which family did my ancestor come from?

As we trace our ancestors, we sometimes find that there were a few people with the same name who were born around the same time as our ancestor. Or we may find that different publications list our ancestor with different parents. This seminar provides strategies for solving these problems, using the claims made about the parentage of bushranger Captain Thunderbolt as an example of how to solve these problems. 

– 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

How to become a skilled historical detective

As a genealogist, historian and author, Carol Baxter had to learn strategies for determining historical truth – in particular, when she discovered that most of the works previously written about her “popular history” subjects were riddled with errors. She needed to be able to prove truth or mistruth in a manner that would withstand strident critical examination. This seminar teaches you strategies for determining truth, strategies that you can apply not only to your own family history research, but to help you separate fact from myth in daily life.  

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Genealogical education

There comes a time in your research where you want to enhance your research skills. This presentation shows the range of options available online both free and fee based that will allow you to customise your education.

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