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Society, culture, community, lifestyle

Society, culture, community, lifestyle

The Coming of the Railways

The rapid introduction of the railways in the UK had profound consequences, leading to the enormous growth of new suburbs in the big cities, and mass movements of people as they gravitated to new places of employment. And the concept of a holiday by the seaside was born! The railways were also huge employers of labour, both in the construction and operating phases. This presentation explores the changes in society that resulted and the accessibility of useful records about the railways and the people involved.

Highland Clearances – where did they go?

The exodus of Scottish tenant farmers and their families to Canada, the Americas and Australasia has resulted in Highland Scottish enclaves all round the former British Empire, some of whom are more Scottish than the Scots. Where did they go and how do we find them? What were their lives like? Where are the records?

Crofts and crofting – a unique way of life in the Highlands and Islands

The story of the Highland Clearances is well-known. One of the consequences was that those tenants who didn’t emigrate were forced on to marginal small-holdings called ‘crofts’ on the coast of the Highlands and many Island communities. What was life like? Where are the records? How can they be found? Many communities are compiling Croft Histories which are invaluable aids to tracing this unique lifestyle. Mike’s father was born in the same croft that had been in the family for hundreds of years, and still is.

History of sexuality

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