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Shipping & migration

Shipping & migration

Irish in Australia

H.M.S. Buffalo

South Australian Lutherans in the 19th century (in development)

Lutheran immigration to Australia had a large impact on early South Australian society as their hard working nature contributed significantly to the development of the colony. Soon after arriving however the church experienced upheaval and schism, transforming from a united, single organisation into several smaller synods.

Topic covers the religious situation in Germany during the early 1800s, the initial emigration of the Lutherans to South Australia, Australian Lutheran church history, their connection with Germany, and their experiences as new Australians.

What Was the Voyage Really Like?

This talk illustrates how researchers can find out details of an ancestor’s trip to Australia. There are a range of resources covered including passenger lists, on board reports such as medical officer’s reports, ship’s diaries and logs, newspapers, photographs and government reports - from these it is possible to learn what our ancestors may have experienced during their voyage to Australia.

Strangers on the Shore: Maritime history of WA in story and song

Here is a different look at life at sea in the past – songs and stories of shipwreck, settlement, piracy, heroes and villains from Western Australia’s exciting maritime past. Mike and Lesley will entertain and inform with this stirring collection of songs and stories.

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