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The German Church in the 1930s (Catholic and Protestant) (in development)

The 1930s was a turbulent time for the German Church as National Socialism's policy towards the Church was either to control it, or destroy it. The Catholics were quick to sign a Concordat in return, among other things, to dissolve their political party. This concordat was soon broken. The Protestants, already fractured, could form no such coordinated resistance or collaborative measure.

The British Parish Chest

South Australian Lutherans in the early 20th Century (in development)

Due to their German heritage & association the SA Lutheran experience between 1900 and 1945 was one of trial and hardship. WWI produced suspicion and distrust towards them, resulting in persecution and sometimes internment. Between the wars was a period of unease and hope, as the fear of WWI dissipated and the Lutherans could once more celebrate their German traditions. This was not to last, however, for upon Hitler's attainment and consolidation of power, the old feelings towards the Lutherans returned, to be replicated (though to a smaller extent) during WWII.

Church Archives and Records for German Research

Prior to the introduction of civil registration, church records provide details of baptisms, marriages and burials. German records often give far more detail than their English equivalents. A variety of examples illustrate the use of these records.

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