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NSW church registers: a comprehensive examination

Baptisms, marriages and burials provide critical information about our ancestors’ lives however these details are not always easy to find.

Findmypast - the World Collection

Exactly what is happening at findmypast? The last couple of years have seen huge growth in multiple directions – in records from Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, America, in the original UK site itself and the launch of the British Newspaper Archives by brightsolid. All this means much better access to records for local and family historians and is very exciting to see. Where to now?

Ancestors in Church: Using Church Publications

This talk explores an underutilised resource that can provide information on our ancestors not likely to be found elsewhere.

Before Rose – Local History in Family Research

There were no census records prior to Rose's Act in 1812 and Parish registers generally provide only scant information. Discover how local history resources may help your family research.

Find Your Ancestors in Church Publications Part 2

Most of our ancestors would have gone to a church and usually, we know what denomination. So how can we find out what religious publications were published for a denomination and more critically, what has survived and where is it held?

Find Your Ancestors in Church Records and Publications Part 3

This is an ongoing series of articles exploring church publications useful for family history research. As I research and write the series I am also finding useful information on church records (original archival records) so I will broaden the subject of the series to include both.

Find Your Ancestors in Church Publications Part 1

Family historians often don’t look for published information on their ancestors, especially in church newspapers and histories. These publications, however, can contain a wealth of information that may not be recorded anywhere else. Some examples from my own family history highlight their value and in future articles I will look at what sources are available and where.

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