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Lachlan in Love in India

Lachlan Macquarie saw over 15 years service in India with HM Army, during which time included his first love.

William Busby: Stone mason of Toowong, Queensland

William Busby, an Oxfordshire stonemason emigrated to Brisbane in 1882. He worked as a monumental mason. He became quite well known after being successful in a design competiton in memory of Lieutenant Lachlan John Caskey,  killed in action in South Africa. This monument is the first known South African war memorial in Queensland.

Cyclopedia of Tasmania 1900

The Cyclopedias that were published for most states of Australia around the beginning of the 20th Century are a vast resource of historical and biographical information. They cover the people, towns, industries, professional, commercial and social institutions and much more.

The Cyclopedias include thousands of illustrations, the larger number of these being portraits of those whose biographies are included.

Notable South Australians

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