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New South Wales

New South Wales

Heritage Tourism

Introduction to Australian and New Zealand Land Records

Land research can tell us so much about how our ancestors lived and worked. It can help us find out the truth about stories we’ve heard, and can give us a much richer picture of our ancestors’ social and economic position. If they owned a house, business premises or rural property there are records to be found, many of which contain a wealth of information.

Tracing your ancestors through the State Records of New South Wales

Records produced by the government from the first days of settlement onwards are stored at State Records of New South Wales, Kingswood (near Penrith). Many genealogists are daunted at the thought of having to travel out to Kingswood when they don’t really know what to look for, then feel even more overwhelmed when they get there and find that there is no simple cataloguing system. This seminar will provide an overview of the sources available and how to access the type of records you are interested in.  

- 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Tracing your ancestors through New South Wales land records: Old System, Torrens Title, Pastoral and Conditional Purchase

Land records are an under-utilised genealogical tool. Not only do they include details of land holdings, they can include other useful material as well, such as wills not found in probate records, marriage contracts and other personal documents. This seminar covers the different sources available and how best to access and use them.

- 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

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