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Introduction to World War II

Introduction to World War 2 covers the rise of Germany and Japan and Australia's response to such events.

Introduction to World War I

An Introduction to World War 1 provides a brief overview of the events leading up to the European conflict including Australia's reaction to the British declaration of war.

Which Army, What Rank?

Which regiment was your soldier in? Was he an officer or a member of the 'other ranks'? There were several armed forces under British command in India, this will explain how they related to each other and where to find their records.

Tasmanian Cyclopedia 1931

With the Fortieth

The War Memorials in New South Wales Project: Hornsby Shire

This talk explains the idea behind this project and how Hornsby Shire Council went about researching the names listed on the various memorials in the shire. It includes information on the various military history websites available for the family historian and finishes by telling the story behind some of the names engraved on the various memorials within Hornsby Shire.

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