Unlock the Past Cruises

Guides, repositories & methodology including photos/organisation

Guides, repositories & methodology including photos/organisation

England and Wales Family History

Introductory talk which includes BDMs, Census Returns, Wills, Tithes, Hearth and Window Tax records.

Skeletons in the Family: Looking at Convicts, Prisons and Asylum Records

This talk looks at records useful for finding 'skeletons' in the family. A review of available sources on convicts, prison records and asylum records available in Australia allows researchers to  follow up and hopefully find their missing ancestors. 

Missing an Ancestor: Try Looking Behind Bars! (prison records)

 This talk looks at resources available for researching prisons and prisoners in Australia (does not include convicts). It draws on the speaker's own experiences in researching her own ancestors who for a variety of reasons ended up behind bars. 

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