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Guides, repositories & methodology including photos/organisation

Guides, repositories & methodology including photos/organisation

First Steps in British India

A workshop session primer for those wanting to know how to start their research into ancestry in Colonial India.

Researching Ancestors in the Days of the East India Company

Tips & experiences in researching ancestors in the East Indies 1600-1858.

Researching Ancestors in the Days of the Raj

Tips and experiences in researching in Sydney for ancestors in India 1960-1947. Can also be tailored for Melbourne, Perth or Canberra.

Help! My ancestors are lost!

At times it seems that our ancestors are unable to be found, almost as if they are deliberately hiding from you. This presentation looks at reasons why this occurs and ways of demolishing the brick walls so your research will be back on track.

One Place Studies: What can you get from them?

One Place Studies are a neglected resource for family historians. In a One Place study information about a specific area is collected and collated. This information can include civil registration, church records, probate, electoral rolls, parish chest records, maps, photographs and much much more. This presentation shows the wide range of material that is available. It also explains ways of finding if a One Place Study exists of your geographic area of interest.

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