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Guides, repositories & methodology including photos/organisation

Guides, repositories & methodology including photos/organisation

Trace your descendants online

Tracing descendants is quite different to tracing ancestors and access to modern records is restricted in various countries. This talk describes approaches to adopt in Australia, UK and Ireland and examines the online records that can help identify long-lost relatives. Two brief case studies will illustrate the challenges and how they were overcome.

It’s Not All Online: Where Else Can I Look?

This talk is a reminder that not everything is online and that researchers still need to use archives, libraries, historical societies and museums, genealogy and family history societies and so on.

Finding Pictorial Sources Online

This talk looks at the range of online resources for locating illustrations, photographs and other pictorial sources for family and local history research.

Archives You May Not Know But Should

This talk highlights a variety of archives that researchers may not be aware of for genealogy research. It seeks to make researchers more aware of archival resources that may or may not be online.

Parish chest records

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