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Convicts, criminals & crime

Convicts, criminals & crime

Free at last! Records of Pardons, Certificates of Freedom and Tickets of Leave.

Records relating to freedom are an important source of information about convicts. In fact, they are often the only means of determining whether a certain person was your ancestor or not. This seminar covers the types of records that have survived, their purpose, contents and location. 

– 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Colonial crimes and criminals

Was your ancestor a NSW criminal or the victim of a crime or a witness to a crime? This seminar provides a detailed examination of the sources (both common and obscure) available to researchers. It will use as examples Carol Baxter’s research into the Bank of Australia robbers in the 1820s, and bushranger Captain Thunderbolt in the 1860s. These sources can sometimes provide the only record of our ancestors “voice” as they recount their experiences of the crime in question.  

– 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Retransportation: researching convicts sentenced to secondary penal settlements

Colonial criminals were often sentenced to secondary penal settlements such as Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Moreton Bay, Norfolk Island and Cockatoo Island. Among them were the bank robbers Carol Baxter wrote about in Breaking the Bank and the bushranger Captain Thunderbolt and his accomplices. This seminar provides information about these penal settlements and their surviving records, using the bank robbers and bushrangers as examples.

– 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Transported beyond the seas: a comprehensive examination of convict transportation records

Most family historians examine only the convict indents published in the Archives Kit to find details of their ancestors’ trial and transportation.  As Editor of the CD-ROM Convicts to NSW 1787 to 1812 and General Editor of the Biographical Database of Australia, Carol Baxter spent months sourcing and processing convict transportation records. This seminar provides an exhaustive examination of the different types of convict transportation records (both well-known and obscure), their purpose, contents and location.

– 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Findmypast - the World Collection

Exactly what is happening at findmypast? The last couple of years have seen huge growth in multiple directions – in records from Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, America, in the original UK site itself and the launch of the British Newspaper Archives by brightsolid. All this means much better access to records for local and family historians and is very exciting to see. Where to now?

Scottish Convicts

Convicts: From trial to freedom

Convicts are amongst the best documented of our Australian ancestors. Learn how you can follow the passage of convict ancestors from the initial reports of their crimes, through trial and transportation and the documentation of their period as a convict in an Australian colony.

Further links and background information can be found at http://familyhistoryresearch.com.au/courses/Convicts/index.htm

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