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Computing & internet

Computing & internet

Getting the most out of Google

Learn how to use Google more effectively - Google Search, maps, books, images, videos, translate and more. Instead of getting millions of hits and only checking the first few, discover how to target your search and get results that really matter to you - results that will tell you more about your family than you thought you would ever find. As well, learn how to use the other Google features that can benefit your research.

Computers in Genealogy

Findmypast Australasia

Findmypast has come to Australasia! Learn what a great range of unique records are available for researching family and local history on this new site and learn the best way to do it.

More than Criminals – The Old Bailey On-Line

This is an extremely powerful search engine which can be used to find far more than just details of crimes and criminials - it's a resource for life in London: how people worked, socialised, and lived at home.

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