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British Isles

British Isles

The Family and Local History Handbook 12

The Family and Local History Handbook 12, edited and compiled by Robert Blatchford and Elizabeth Blatchford, UK 2009

Available for order online from Gould Genealogy and History

ISBN 978 0 9552399 3 9 (Pbk) AU$37.50

ISSN 1745-3887

The Handbook, 448 pages, consists of five parts:

Newspapers: A family history treasure chest

Newspapers are a familar valuable source for birth, marriage and death announcements. They contain so much more and with the advent of digitisation have never been more accessible. Regional history, sporting events, natural disasters, epidemics, employment opportunities, social activities as well as advertisements which can all be used to give life to your family history.

Researching in Kent

England and Wales Family History

Introductory talk which includes BDMs, Census Returns, Wills, Tithes, Hearth and Window Tax records.

Colonial Office List 1863

Colonial Office List 1870

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