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S&N Genealogy Supplies voted ‘Best online Store’ by Your Family Tree Magazine in April 2010 is the largest UK genealogy publisher and retailer, a family run firm serving the needs of family historians for over 15 years.

S&N offer the widest choice of Family History software packages plus data CDs, books, charts, archival supplies including binders and are determined to provide you with a unique range of high quality data at the keenest prices.



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TheGenealogist.co.uk is an award winning family history website with access to millions of records online.

Specialist Australian records available as part of our Diamond subscription include Electoral Rolls, Directories, early Census, Almanacs, Landowner records and many more ranging from 1834-1937.


UK Census records

Scottish Ancestral Trail

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We create unique vacations in Scotland and the UK for the descendants of Scots who want to visit the places associated with their family history. 

For family groups, couples and singles - with your own driver if you prefer.

Holidays can follow your personal family history or your clan or family name.

We hold genealogy day courses at the Scotland People Centre in Edinburgh.

We market a 'Genealogy Tour' through Brightwater Holidays.


Family History Monthly magazine

  • Family History Monthly magazine,Diamond Publishing Unit 101, The Perfume Factory, 140 Wales Farm Road, London W3 6UG UNITED KINGDOM
  • Family History Monthly


Isles of St Kilda

The Pentrich Revolution

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