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Public records are, as the designation suggests, open for public access. But do you know what is available? Even if you do, finding and searching public records can be a time consuming, tedious task. Using public records information providers such as Public Record Finder can save you time. Amongst many other public records you will find much that is useful to family and local history researchers including:

Checking the Big 5 - creating your check list for UK research


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ANZESTRY offers professional family history research services in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other European countries. Whether you are interested in your family history or surname history, ANZESTRY can provide a historical research service that caters for your individual requirements. Our research into your own personal family history is tailored to your own particular interests and will look at original documentation to discover details of the lives and times of your ancestors.

Calico Pie Ltd (Family Historian)


Calico Pie is the publisher of Family Historian, the UK's leading genealogy program.  Family Historian has won numerous awards from specialist geneaogy magazines and generalist magazines alike.  It has an innovative user interface with a strong emphasis on the visual.  As well as introducing some completely new diagram types - such as its unique 'All Relatives' diagram - it breaks new ground in interactivity.  Users can expand and close tree branches to explore family relationships visually, and  can even click-and-drag to add relatives.  Diagrams are dynamic a


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