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They are dead but where are they buried?

In Australia we are spoilt as our death certificates give the place of burial. In England no place of burial is given on the death certificate. This presentation will discuss ways of determining where a person may be buried.

TheGenealogist.co.uk: What's the difference?

Apart from the English and Welsh census and BDM records, TheGenealogist.co.uk has many unique records to offer - official non-conformist registers, PCC Wills and images, electoral rolls and more. As well, it has some innovative search options which can help break down your brickwalls.

The 1911 census: What's all the fuss?

Indeed, what is all the fuss about the 1911 census for England and Wales? Take a peek at the enormous task that resulted in this wonderful resource, learn what is different about this census to the earlier ones, see your own relative’s signature on the householder’s return and much more. You might even learn the name of your family’s pet, find a deceased relative listed or find your family on one of the many quirky returns that were submitted.

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