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Australia - National

Australia - National

Australian Government and Police Gazettes

Government and Police Gazettes can not only help you find the detail of the lives of your ancestors; they can also help you solve those puzzles.

Government Gazettes contain details of laws and regulations that affected the general population, land transactions, unclaimed mail, assigned convicts, government employees court notices, and much more. Police Gazettes contain the victims as well as the perpetrators of crimes, missing persons, police appointments, details of publicans' licenses, escaped convicts and other prisoners, and more. 

HAT-History of Australian Theatre


HAT-The History of Australian Theatre Archive is a non profit website that aims to encourage the study of Australian Theatre History.

Cinema And Theatre Historical Society Inc

  • PO Box 476 Bentleigh Vic 3204
  • Web site

The aims of CATHS are to record the history of cinemas and theatres, and to promote interest in theatre heritage and architecture, and other related areas.

Drive-ins Downunder

  • web site: www.drive-insdownunder.com.au

This web site is all about drive-in theatres on Australia - www.drive-insdownunder.com.au

  • history
  • list of over 300 drive-ins, may with extra details, history and photos
  • articles
  • links to many other related sites of interest

Family Quest - Genealogical Researchers

So Many Ancestors...... So Little Time. Let us help you in your quest!

Family Quest is a genealogical research service. We have a passion for family history and can help you find out more about your ancestors in Australia, New Zealand and England.

Unlock the Past

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  • 2009

Unlock the Past is about promoting history, genealogy and heritage in Australia and New Zealand. It is a collaborative venture involving a team of expert speakers, writers, organisations and commercial partners throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas. We consider you, the users of and contributors to the site, as most important partners as well.

What is Unlock the Past?

Donovan & Associates, History & Historic Preservation Consultants

  • 1980

Full details of Donovan & Associates, its client list and projects and books completed may be found on our website at


Dr Susan Marsden, Historian



  • 184 Keilor Road North Essendon Victoria 3041
  • 03 9379 7533
  • MapWorks
Open Hours
  • 9.30 to 5.30 week days 9.30 to 2pm Saturdays
  • 1992

Since 1992 MapWorks has been assisting Family Historians with maps for their research. Staff are experienced and helpful. Our range is word wide. We specialise in Ordnance Survey maps and Alan Godfrey maps and hold them in stock.


  • 7/160 Maxwell Street, South Penrith, NSW, 2750
  • 02 4732 6243
  • Anzestry
  • 2006

ANZESTRY offers professional family history research services in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other European countries. Whether you are interested in your family history or surname history, ANZESTRY can provide a historical research service that caters for your individual requirements. Our research into your own personal family history is tailored to your own particular interests and will look at original documentation to discover details of the lives and times of your ancestors.

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