Australia - National

Australia - National

Trace your descendants online

Tracing descendants is quite different to tracing ancestors and access to modern records is restricted in various countries. This talk describes approaches to adopt in Australia, UK and Ireland and examines the online records that can help identify long-lost relatives. Two brief case studies will illustrate the challenges and how they were overcome.

DNA: Using DNA to solve Genealogical Puzzles

DNA  testing has been highlighted in the media and is an exciting new tool for family historians to enhance their research. This presentation will discuss using DNA testing in family history, the various types of tests and what they do (or don’t do!) and demystify the terms. Examples will be shown of how DNA testing has answered research questions and we will talk about how to determine the best person to test for the Genealogy puzzle you need to solve.

National Archives of Australia - Destination: Australia

National Archives of Australia - Destination: Australia
Sharing our post-war migrant stories.

Printing Your Past

  • 2012

Printing Your Past offers bookshop quality books tailored to your stories, iamges and information.  With a choice of designs and a range of presentations there is a book to your suit your needs.  Here is the opportunity to tell the story of your family's heritage and to create an heirloom that will be admired and cherished for years to come.

Please contact Leanne to discuss the publishing of your book.


Jill Ball - GeniAus

Jill, now an amateur genealogist, has been a librarian, teacher and, most recently, Head of Information Technology in a Sydney Independent School. In 2011 Jill was honoured with Life membership of School Library Association NSW for her work in education.



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Booksforever is divided into 2 sites at present.

One website deals in Australian Military history (

Our second website ( deals in Australian history subjects. These subjects cover early Australia, Colonial, Politics, Maritime, Rail, Sports and many other subjects. 

Our commitment in the bookselling arena is to offer great books on Australian history.

As time passes we may offer other sites, with other specific areas of Australian history for those after the vast eray of books covering our unique past.

Milestones in Australian history of relevance to family historians

Many family historians have a poor knowledge of general history, yet historical milestones often resulted in new series of records being produced or changed the nature of those already in production. This seminar provides a guide to events that changed record-keeping.

- 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Electoral rolls and directories

The politics of the critical 1850s meant that manhood suffrage was essentially granted to the people of Australia at a much earlier period than elsewhere. As a consequence, the electoral rolls serve as a virtual census return of males from that period onwards. Women also gained suffrage at the beginning of the twentieth century, much earlier than their sisters overseas. Other lists of individuals can be found in the various directories published from the 1830s onwards.

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