Unlock The Past will be at

2017 UTP cruise - PNG - Jul-Aug 2017 
Researching abroad: Brit/Eur - Aug 2017 
NSW & ACT State Conference - Sep 2017 
Holy Land tour/conference - Oct/Nov 2017 
2018 UTP cruise - Alaska - Aug/Sep 2018


Mike Murray

We're family history specialists. We specialise in genealogical and historical research, education, publishing and film-making. If you want to trace your ancestors, or find out what their lives were like, we can help you. If you want to tell your family story, and preserve it for the future, we can produce a DVD, a book or a series of elaborate charts for you.

Here's a summary of the things we do:

  • teach you how to find your ancestors
  • search for your ancestors (in Australia and UK)
  • write, edit and publish a book about your family's story
  • produce charts, reports, scrap-books and nicely laid out magazine-style publications
  • make a powerful documentary video/DVD of your own or your family's story
  • give talks and lectures about genealogy