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Lyn Whelan

Lyn is a New Zealand based professional genealogist with over 25 years of experience in researching and writing family history. Her academic qualifications include a Diploma in Family Historical Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists; MA (Hons) in Educational History from the University of Auckland; BA (Education) from the University of Otago; Diploma in Teaching (ECE) from Dunedin Teacher's College; and a New Zealand Certificate in Tertiary Teaching (Adult). Lyn is a member of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, the Society of Australian Genealogists; the New Zealand Historical Association; and the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. Lyn has been the NZSG Child and Youth Education Coordinator 2011-2015.

Established by Lyn Whelan, Past Presented is a genealogical research company specialising in family history research relating primarily to New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  Lyn was motivated to form Past Presented to bring her research expertise to clients who live in New Zealand or overseas, and have New Zealand connections.  Lyn has a special interest in genealogical research using New Zealand's historical school records, in particular those of industrial and reformatory schools.  Lyn will also offer individual tuition on a variety of levels.

For further information on Lyn and Past Presented see www.pastpresented.co.nz