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Cassie Mercer

Cassie is the editor and founder of Irish Wattle, a publishing house for Irish convict transportation to New South Wales. 

She is the editor of Barbara Hall's five books tracing the 912 convicts transported to New South Wales during the first decade of the colony's settlement. During the research and writing process Barbara and Cassie have uncovered many fascinating antics about our roguish Irish ancestors before and after their transportation, and delight in sharing these stories and their research tips. Barbara's sixth book is due out in 2010.

Cassie has worked in publishing since 1999 after completing a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University of Queensland. Companies she has worked for include UNSW Press, Pacific Magazines and ACP Magazines in Sydney, and Edward Elgar, IPC Media and the National Magazine Company in London.

She is currently writing a biography about her g.g.g.g.g. grandparents. He was a highwayman, she was a Dublin madam; both were shady characters with sedition on their mind.

Speaker topics include:

  • How to trace Irish convicts transported between 1788 and 1810, and overcoming research roadblocks
  • Stories of the Irish vanguard - the first prisoners transported directly from Ireland. Learn about early rebels, horse thieves, vagabonds, swindlers and petty crooks, and how they tried to forge a new life in the colony.