Unlock the Past Cruises

Revision of Unlock the Past Events from 28 Jan 2010

Unlock the Past is about events:

  • attending, sponsoring and generally supporting events by others
  • organising our own events – where there is interest and support from other organisations or individuals

Regional Roadshows – bringing expertise to you. One of our Unlock the Past presenters will visit a number of cities, towns or localities on successive days, possibly with afternoon and evening meetings in each.

National Roadshows – bringing a team of Australian / New Zealand and, perhaps, overseas experts to conduct meetings over two days and a night in capital cities. These would be people who would not normally visit your area. Examples could be a Roadshow headed by Dan Lynch (Google Your Family Tree), Find My Past, Shauna Hicks or some other overseas or local expert – supported by other Unlock the Past presenters with trade tables by major sponsors and supporters.

Seminar near you – usually a one day event run by a regional society.

Major Expo, Fair or Showcase – with a focus on wide ranging displays by societies, libraries, archives, museums, commercial providers and other related resources or services. We have already committed to one Expo in Adelaide and one in Sydney for 2010.

Regional Expo or Fair – similar to a major expo but on a smaller scale and more localised.

Themed Conference – a one or two day event headed by expert historians/genealogists (for example, mining, non-British cultures, religious history and records). These could either be in capital cities or a relevant regional location (for example, convicts on Norfolk Island or mining at Ballarat).

Online Audio/Video Talks – making the content of presentations available to those who can not attend events.

History/Genealogy Cruise – early 2011, see our earlier Cruise poll.

In most cases this is not adding to what societies are already doing. Most events will be part of a society’s existing program, either as their own event or as a supporting partner. Unlock the Past will be adding value to these programs by providing speakers, support and sponsorship in most instances.

We are open to your feedback and any other suggestions. Start with the poll on this page and feel free to email Alan at any time with your ideas. Also contact us if your society is interested in having us support, host, sponsor or list your event. A letter has been sent to all societies providing further information and inviting expressions of interest. We look forward to hearing from everyone.