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Including a voucher adds value to

  • customers (with a discount)
  • advertisers (FREE form of an ad)
  • this publication

Voucher information should include the following:

  • your business/organisation name and logo
  • the OFFER
  • description of your business or the offer
  • web site, address or contact
  • offer valid to date (this handbook may be on sale up to a year)
  • code to quote to claim the offer
  • any other terms or conditions

Note that we will set the offer to a size and uniform style. See sample below. All we need from you is the content to include in the offer frame, similar to the sample below


Ideas for offers  (a few examples only)

  • dollar discount for orders over minimum purchase
  • percentage discount for orders over minimum purchase
  • FREE item for purchase or service used
  • FREE 30 minute consultation
  • 2 months FREE  added to your membership or subscription
  • waive society joining fee

You could run multiple vouchers - say one for each of the 4 quarters for the expected duration of this edition

All advertisers (in fact anyone) can purchase copies of the current* edition of History & Genealogy at up to 40% discount for resale — a great way to get further value

*any previous editions may also be purchased if stock remains.