Unlock the Past Cruises


Here is what was said about the 2011 Handbook, based on the preview prior to release

'So much interesting reading. I am sure it will be a best seller!!'

'Book looks great, you are to be congratulated.'

'It looks good, as I said before I am very impressed, lots of good information and certainly well produced.'

'The book looks fantastic - worth waiting for.'

'… looks good, plenty of wide ranging good articles.'

'The book is looking truly wonderful and will be a great asset to us and our customers,  we wait in eager anticipation of it's publication and arrival, will also let our Gift shop know about it as well.'

'Congratulations! The publication looks fantastic and I can appreciate the great amount of work that has gone into it; I’m sure it will be a grand success.'

'It looks like its going to be an interesting (and big!) read.'

'It looks great.'

'That looks … great.'

'It looks great and will be a really useful publication. I have only had time to scroll through but the articles and range of articles look very interesting. Thank you very much for inviting the Convict Trail Project to be part of such a great publication.'

'Looking good.'

'Looks great. I am very happy with my articles and the advertisement. The content looks superb with a great range of articles! I’d like to order ten copies for resale please.'

'Very impressive!'

'There's a lot of great stuff in the publication - it will be a great reference.'

'… wow! What a great publication – looking forward to going through it word by word!'