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Help File: Events

How to Add an Event

If you have an account with unlockthepast.com.au, ensure that you are first logged in.
Events are added via the ‘Events’ tab along the top of all web pages.
Click on the Events tab and then click on the ‘Add an event’ box to the right.
Remember: The more information you add, the better publicised your event will be.

Frequently Asked Questions can be found after the initial instructions.

Fill in the following information: 

Event name

What your event is called. This does not have to include the organisation name, though this can be helpful in identifying who is running the event.

Target Interests

Specifying who the target audience is for your event will help people make informed decisions as to what events they would appreciate attending.

  • Genealogy or family history: An event which targets those primarily interested in genealogy and which contains primarily genealogical content, eg. ‘Hawkesbury Family History Fair’, or ‘How to Trace your Irish History’. run by (though not exclusively) a family history group
  • Library or archives: An event run by a library or archive which targets this genre of people & contains related content, eg. The International Congress of Archives
  • Heritage or Cultural: An event which focuses on heritage or culture, rather than specifically history or genealogy. Eg. Guided heritage yours, or the Cornish Festival.History: An event which targets those primarily interested in history and which contains primarily historical content, eg. ‘State History Conference, or Kent Town Boys Home Reunion. The event is usually (though not exclusively) organised by a museum or historical society.

 Event Type

  • Course - eg. Google Your Genealogy
  • Conference – eg. Australian Historical Association Biennial Conference
  • Exhibition or open day – eg. Rookwood Cemetery Open Day
  • Expo or fair – eg. Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Expo
  • Heritage or cultural – eg. Bay to Birdwood Run
  • National roadshow
  • Regional roadshow
  • Reunion – eg. Campbelltown High School Reunion
  • Seminar or workshop – eg. Family Tree Maker Focus Day
  • Society meeting – eg. Southern Suburbs Genealogical Society of Queensland
  • Tour or cruise – eg. Bus Tour to Enderslea Farm
  • Multiple events – eg. South Australian History Week

Event Scope

To whom are you targeting in terms of location?

  • Local: events run by a local group, targeting a suburb or district/council area. Generally 1-2 hour workshops or society meetings.
  • Regional: slightly larger events targeting a region, eg. Barossa Valley or city of Adelaide. Generally over 1 hour workshops or meetings.
  • State: Publicised as state-wide and might be a single large event or a series of smaller events, eg. State history conference, or SA History Week.
  • National: Publicised nation-wide and might be a single large event or the same event running in different locations around Australia, eg. ASA Annual National Conference, or Unlock the Past National Roadshow.
  • International: Targets an international audience as well as from across Australia.

Request for Sponsorship

Tick this box is you would like your event to be sponsored by Unlock the Past. Sponsorship might include us sending prizes, vouchers, Unlock the Past pamphlets, speakers, etc. (If you would like sponsorship, please email us with this request to ensure that we are notified.)


Tick this box if the event is already sponsored by Unlock the Past.

Start date/Time

  • Begin by clicking on the ‘From Date’ box. A calendar will appear in which you change the day, month & year on which the event begins.
  • Next, double click on the corresponding ‘time’ box. You can change the time manually on the keypad, or by clicking up and down. The ‘am’ or ‘pm’ can be changed using the arrows.
  • The ‘To Date’ refers to the date when the event will finish. In the case of an event which starts and finishes on the same day, this will require the same date as the ‘From Date’.
  • The corresponding ‘time box’ refers to the time the event finishes.

Double check that your event date & time is correct.

For events that run for more than one day, the start and finish times given can incorporate the entire event,
eg. History Conference: From 15/4/2010 9am to 17/4/2010 4pm.

If you would prefer to give daily timing of the event then fill out details for the first day only. To add a second day, click on the blue box below it called ‘add another item’, and fill this out in a similar matter. Continue adding items until the required number of days are given.

            Eg. History Conference:
                        From 15/4/2010 9am to 5pm
                        From 16/4/2010 10am to 5pm
                        From 17/4/2010 8.30am to 4pm 


  • Address: The street (and building if applicable) in which the event will be held
  • Town: The town or suburb in which the event will be held
  • State: The state in which the event will be held


Provide details as to the cost of the event for attendees, if there are discounts, special rates, free, gold coin donation, etc.

Event Description

The more information that is given at this point, the more interest you will receive. Some examples of what you could include:

  • The name of your organisation
  • A brief description about what will happen at the event
  • Event program
  • Booking details
  • Who should attend
  • Speaker details
  • Insert a picture/image


Provide the best means of contacting you or a nominated person within your organisation. Not all areas need to be filled, but the more that are filled, the easier it is to be contacted re. further queries, bookings, etc.

  • Contact name: who the contact/s are
  • Phone: there is the ability to provide 2 phone numbers
  • Email
  • Web title: the name of your website (if applicable)
  • Web URL: the link to your website
  • Mail: mailing address

UTP Speakers

If any speakers attending the event are Unlock the Past Team Members then write their names here. Unsure if they are? See the ‘Our Team’ tab up the top of the screen.
There is provision to add in more than one team member, just click on ‘Add another item’ button to continue adding more.

Save or Preview buttons.

It is always best to preview your entry before it is saved to correct any mistakes. Once previewed, press ‘save’ and your event will be submitted.



Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why can’t I see my event ‘live’ straight away?
Unless you have an account with unlockthepast.com.au all events must first be viewed by someone from the Unlock the Past office before going live. This is to ensure

  • The events appropriateness/relevance for the events page,
  • to check that enough information has been given,
  • to notify the event contributor when information is obviously incorrect

To get an account, go to How do I get an account?

  2. What happens once the event is finished?
The website will automatically delete the entry.

  3. What if the event runs over 2 or more days with different starting and finishing times?
See ‘Start date/Time’ under How to Add an Event.

  4. How do I edit an event?
I do not have an account with unlockthepast.com.au:

  • you have no capability to edit your events.
  • email aimee@unlockthepast.com.au with the details and it will be changed for you as soon as possible.

I have an account with unlockthepast.com.au:

  • log in
  • select your event
  • click ‘edit’ above the event Title
  • edit your event & click ‘save’ once finished

Editing can be done at any time.
To get an account with unlockthepast.com.au, go to How do I get an account?

  5. What if this is only a preliminary notice for my event?
Add the event anyway and then edit it when you have more information.

  6. Who can add an event?
Any representative from a society/organisation/business who would like to advertise an event that relates to the history and genealogy field.

  7. What kind of events can be added?

See ‘Event Type’ under How to Add an Event.
For permanent society meetings, go to your Organisation Page and include the details here.


  8. How many events can I add?
We encourage you to add as many as you like.

  9. How do I get an account?

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, just beneath the social networking links, click 'register'.
Follow the instructions and click 'create new account'.
Your request will then need to be approved.

The benefits of obtaining an account are:

  • you have the authority to add events
  • your events will go 'live' automatically
  • you can freely edit your events

  10. How do I insert a picture into my description?

  1. Select the tree icon from the toolbar at the top of the description area.
  2. A box will now pop up called 'Insert/edit image'. The General tab will automatically be present.
  3. Either manually enter the URL or click on the square at the end of the Link URL space. This will connect with your local drive.
  4. Click on the 'upload' button located at the top and click on browse.
  5. Double click the image and then press 'upload'.
  6. Select the image from the list and resize if necessary using the resize button (located at the top)
  7. Click on 'Send to tinymce' (located at the top). The image should now appear in the 'Insert/edit image' box.
  8. Add a title to the image or a description if desired.
  9. Click 'Insert'

To resize the image, ensure that it is selected (double-click) and then click on the tree icon once more. Go into the Appearance tab and change the dimensions. To align the picture more accurately, the drop-down Alignment list can be used.


  11. How do I insert a link into my description?

  1. Select the text which you wish to hyperlink.
  2. Click on the chain icon from the toolbar at the top of the description area.
  3. A box will now pop up called Insert/edit link.
  4. Either manually enter the URL or click on the square at the end of the Link URL space. This will connect with your local drive.
  5. Click on the 'upload' button located at the top and click on browse. Only files with the following extensions will be allowed: jpg, gif, png, bmp.
  6. Double click the link and then press 'upload'. The link will appear in the 'Insert/edit link' box.
  7. Change the Target so that the link either opens in the same window or a different window.
  8. Give the link a title if necessary.
  9. Click 'Insert'

If you wish to break the link, click on the broken chain icon from the toolbar at the topc of the description area.