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Help File: Blogs

Unlock the Past blogs are short entries where people can share their thoughts, comments, ideas, reviews, etc, regarding a particular aspect of history and genealogy.

The advantage of writing blogs is that people can then respond with their own comments, helpful tips, or share a similar story.

Only those with an account can create a blog, however anyone can respond.


How to Create a Blog Entry

Click on the Blog Tab in any screen of the website. Just below the title 'Blogs', click 'create new blog entry'.



Make the title catchy, relevent & informative.


Blog Category

Currently there have been blogs written about a the following broad categories:

  • brick wall solutions: personal stories of when you've hit a brick wall in your research, or when you have managed to overcome one. Eg. Still looking for James Henry Trevaskis?
  • events: Any events that your organisation has had, or you have attended. Eg. Events of interest.
  • military: concerning the military. Eg. Discover your military ancestors online.
  • polls: concerning polls taken by Unlock the Past or any other relevent organisation. Eg. How committed are you to family/local history poll.
  • Queensland: Concerning Queensland. Eg. Queensland - 150 years on.
  • Shauna Hicks
  • Unlock the Past: For general blog entries. Eg. The usefulness of digitised records when researching.
  • World Vital Records Australiasia: concerning the now defunct WVR (taken over by Findmypast.com.au). Eg. subscriptions.

Try to fit your blog topic into one of the above categories. If you find that you cannot do so then contact us and we may create a new category.



Tags make your blog searchable. The more tags, the greater chance that it will be read. Write what best describes your blog. Some examples are:

Unlock the Past, poll, local history, family history, Victoria, Google.

All tags that have already been used can be found here. You may also use these, but don't feel limited to this list!



The blog. Blogs are generally very short, so if you feel your blog is running too long then perhaps make it into an article instead. Contact us if you wish to submit an article.


Save & Preview Buttons

It is always best to preview your entry before it is saved to correct any mistakes. Once previewed, press 'save' and your blog will be submitted for approval.