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This Help page will be developed as needed over time. For now it gives an outline of some of the Help areas to be addressed 

Using the Unlock the Past site

  • Events

One of the ways Unlock the Past supports societies/organisations/businesses related to the history and genealogy field is by providing a free avenue for promoting their events.

  • Polls

Polls are created monthly to help Unlock the Past discover what you want and need, how to promote history and genealogy better, or just for fun.

  • Blogs

These are posted by people with an unlockthepast.com.au account on various topics of relevence.

  • Resources

One of the aims of the Unlock the Past website is to be a major free content site. We believe that everyone should have access to quality information without having to pay a cent. The resources include articles and other content written by professionals and amateurs, as well as useful gateway sites.

  • Organisation directory

This directory contains societies/organisations/businesses which are relevent to the history and genealogy field. By clicking on their name you will be taken to their individual pages. The directory is also searchable, meaning that you can find a particular organisation that interests you.

Contributing to the Unlock the Past site

  • Events
  • Blogs
  • Resources - free content
  • Resources - gateway to other resources
  • Your ideas
  • Advertising
  • Directory

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