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Unlock the Past Victorian Expo (Geelong)

Event Information

  • 2 Sep 2011 9:00am - 3 Sep 2011 5:00pm
  • Geelong Arena, 110 Victoria Street
  • North Geelong
  • Victoria
Other Information
  • Cost: Free entry if pre-booked, $5 on the day. Some talks free. Others $5

Pre-Bookings have now closed. Entry is $5.00 on the day. Doors open at 9am.

 A major history-genealogy-heritage event for all Victoria - and anyone with research interests in the region. The Expo will feature:

  • Over 70 exhibitors - including local and family history societies, libraries, archives, museums, product and service suppliers. We welcome expressions of interest from anyone in the history, genealogy and heritage fields.
  • 36 Presentations from 25 leading experts from around Australia, some FREE, others $5 each.

For more information about what an Unlock the Past Expo is about, including what to expect and what to bring, click here. A short video can also be watched, featuring the 2010 Sydney Expo.

  • If you are local to the region (within 2-3 hours drive) this is a special opportunity to see numerous exhibitors in one place and hear expert presenters from five states.
  • South Western Victoria is a great tourist/holiday destination. Combine a holiday with a day or two at the Expo. If your spouse is not into history or genealogy there is plenty for him/her to do while you attend.
  • If you have ancestors in the region, why not get double value. Combine a research trip to the region with a great expo.
  • It is within an hour of Melbourne by train and car and two hours from about 70% of Victoria's population.
  • The Arena is a great venue, with free parking and only a few metres from a rail station.

If you are interested in exhibiting, go to the exhibitor tab on the menu at the left.

For the latest updates visit our Victorian Expo facebook page.


Cameras ?

Hi, can you bring a camera to record ,the talks i'm attending



Are chairs provided for exhibitors?

Do chairs come with the tables for exhibitors, or do we bring our own?

Re: Are chairs provided for exhibitors?

Yes there are chairs - plenty

Overnight security in the venue for Exhibitors

How secure is the venue for leaving our *stuff* overnight on Friday? 

Is there a secure lockup, say for laptops, so we don't have to cart them back and forth on the train?

Re: Overnight security in the venue for Exhibitors

There are rooms off the main exhibition hall where things can be locked away. But I suggest you contact the venue (03) 5278 3092 for more specific advice, or check out what they offer on the day to see for yourself if it is up to your expectations.

Transport from Queenscliff

If we came across as walk-on passengers on the Sorrento ferry,

would we be able to get public transport from Queenscliffto the venue?

re: Transport from Queenscliff

There have been two offers to help with transport - one each day. If the person who posted the query can email me alan@unlockthepast.com.au I can put you in touch with those who offered.

re: Transport from Queenscliff

I am advised that McHarry's buslines run a service. Check their web site or call them www.mcharrys.com.au. You would probably need to catch a train from Geelong Station to Geelong North Station (near the venue). It seems this would only allow arrival at the expo late morning.

Geelong Expo Disabled Parking

I will have a disabled passenger in my car (both days) Is there a special "disabled parking " site at this venue, please?

I have looked at the maps and they show huge parking across the road, and a small car park at the side/rear, but I cannot work out the entrance.


Ada Ackerly


Disabled Access

Ada, the Arena has disabled drop off and one car park very close to the main entrance (north side of the venue on Victoria Street). There are also a few disabled car spaces at the side and back of the venue.

The Arena is a “disabled friendly venue” and complies with all disability anti-discrimination legislation. The venue has an elevator to enable movement between floors with disabled seating and toilets facilities available. There are no obstacles for wheelchairs entering or leaving the building - Arena web site.

Click here for further information on getting to the venue, parking, meals and acommodation.