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Ancestors in church: using church publications - Shauna Hicks

This presentation explores an underutilised resource that can provide information on our ancestors not likely to be found elsewhere. 

Asylum records: a place to look for missing ancestors - Shauna Hicks

This talk looks at the availability of asylum records in Australia and outlines the type of information that can be found and how useful these records are in finding ancestors who simply disappeared.

Brief introduction to family history research - Shauna Hicks

This talk looks at how to start by looking at family sources, archives and libraries, what's online, useful books to read, the benefits of joining genealogy and family history societies and recording and organising your research.

Caring for your family archives - Shauna Hicks

This talk addresses three areas - organising your family records and memorabilia, storing and preserving your family archives and finally, sharing the results of your research with others and the long term future of your research and records.

Family history on the cheap: tips and tricks - Shauna Hicks

This talk highlights a wide variety of tips and tricks that researchers can use to save themselves time and money when researching their family history. Areas covered include family sources, archives and libraries, online resources, technology, travel tips and so on. 

Google your family tree: tips and tricks - Shauna Hicks

This talk looks at basic search strategies and how researchers can maximise their search results. It also addresses more advances searching using Alerts, Library, Images, Videos and Maps.

It's not all online: where else can I look? - Shauna Hicks

This talk is a reminder that not everything is online and that researchers still need to use archives, libraries, historical societies and museums, genealogy and family history societies and so on.

Australian government, police & education gazettes - Eric Kopittke

Examines the hidden material in Australian Government, Police and Education gazettes - mostly we consider them to be irrelevant and uninteresting but that is definitely not the case. The gazettes contain information about people we would never find in other records.

German family history in the "Information Age" - Eric Kopittke

An increasing amount of material is available about people and places on the internet. This talk explores a range of resources available for places in the former German Empire. 

German records: what can I find? - Eric Kopittke

Most of us would like to find details of our family before they came to Australia. This presentation examines a number of German records of interest to family historians and details the information that can be found.

Locating your ancestor's place of origin in Germany - Eric Kopittke

How to use records from Australia and elsewhere to determine your German ancestor’s place of origin.

Findmypast.com.au: gateway to the world collection - Rosemary Kopittke

Learn what a great range of unique records are available for researching family and local history on this new site and learn the best way to do it. Currently 55 million records but soon to more than double! Also a look at the records on the UK, Ireland and US sites.

ScotlandsPeople: the place to launch your Scottish research - Rosemary Kopittke

ScotlandsPeople - what it is, what records are available, how to search effectively and what are the charges.