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Researching abroad roadshow: promotional opportunities

The roadshow is supported by the major genealogy societies and libraries in each city who will be exhibiting and contributing to the program. There are also promotional opportunities for others who would like to participate.

Promotional avenues
Separate promotional options
  • exhibiting - Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide only - $100 one city, $50 each extra city
  • leaflet in registration kit 6 cities plus on our table at Auckland - $150
  • advertising in the roadshow handbook (full page A5 - goes to 6 cities) - $300

Non-exhibiting sponsor package - all 6 cities plus the Papua New Guinea cruise - AU$250
$500 value for $250 - plus the expectation the sponsor will bring publicity of the roadshow where they can (to Australian contacts) or offer prizes in each city and the PNG cruise (7 prizes in all) - or both.

This sponsorship package includes:

  • Leaflet in registration kit 6 cities - $200 value
    - plus on our table at Auckland
    - plus on our PNG cruise (95 people)
  • Full A5 page in roadshow handbook - $300 value
  • logo on roadshow web site and printed roadshow and cruise handbooks (700-800 printed)
A "non-exhibiting (all cities) sponsor" may also exhibibit a single venue for $100 extra

CLICK HERE for brochure with more on promotional opportunities 

CLICK HERE to download images you can use with any promotion you do

We invite you to participate. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your products and services at the largest and most significant event we have ever done.

Six reasons to exhibit, advertise and/or sponsor the roadshow

  1. exposure to a large number of history, genealogy and heritage people—and the interested general public
  2. a great opportunity to increase your membership, visitors to your library or archives or gain new customers
  3. sales opportunities for products you may have
  4. meet face-to-face opportunity with existing members or customers
  5. great networking opportunity and experience generally
  6. meet and learn for leading international experts

CLICK HERE to download the exhibitor invitation and booking form - a Word file that can be filled in and emailed to alan@unlockthepast.com.au Right click on the link above to save to your computer. 


  • a stand booking includes 2 free entry tickets per exhibitor (1 free entry ticket if sharing a table with another exhibitor)
  • FREE booth attendants are not included in the expo prize draw ($1200-$1500+ value in each city)
  • All stand attendants need to register as such with us beforehand

Contact Alan if you have any questions or matters to discuss – (08) 8263 2055 7476 alan@unlockthepast.com.au