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Expo program

There will be a wide ranging program of presentations by local, national and international presenters throughout the expo. 

NEW 20 Sep - we have added a 3rd mini-theatre in the expo hall, giving opportunity for more talks to be repeated over the two days - and so more choice of what you can attend

  • Century theatre near the exhibition hall - 13 feature presentations (most 50 mins each, a few 25 mins) in the Century theatre near the exhibition hall 
  • dance studio (Friday) and classroom (Saturday) off the exhibition hall - 23 shorter presentations (most 25 mins each, one 50 mins) in the classroom off the exhibition hall
    NOTE: Friday talks originally scheduled in the classroom will now be in the dance studio - in the same building complex, but accessed via a double flight of stairs
  • mini-theatre 1 – within the exhibition hall for up to 20 information and demonstration sessions by Genealogy SA, its various special interest groups and other exhibitors (most 15-25 mins each). These are FREE - no bookings required.
  • mini-theatre 2 – within the exhibition hall for up to 19 information sessions, demonstrations and tutorials for genealogy software, online data and other topics topics (most 15-25 mins each). These are FREE - no bookings required. Some may be repeated over the two days.
  • mini-theatre 3 – within the exhibition hall for 16 Family Tree Maker tutorials by MacKiev and VicGum (most 15-25 mins each). These are FREE - no bookings required. Friday talks are repeated on the Saturday, giving more choice on when to attend.
  • stand-based "micro-theatres"Several exhibitors will also be offering FREE short presentations, demos and information sessions at "micro‐theatres" at their own stands. These may be at set times (check their stand) or on request.

program  Click here or the image at the left for a preliminary version of the program
updated 1 October 2016 


  • talks in the Century theatre will be $10 each and those in the classroom $5 each. 
  • individual tickets for these talks are available for purchase at the expo
  • a Gold ticket is available at a special price of $50 allowing entry into any number of talks on offer - up to 56% discount.
    2 ways to purchase a gold ticket
         - pre-purchase when pre-booking to attend - by 1 October 2016
         - at the expo (if room capacity is reached before the expo, priority will be given to pre-booked tickets)
  • there will be no set break for lunch in the program. We expect people to choose a balance overall between talks, the exhibition, the Research Help Zone - and of course breaks for refreshments lunch and informal mixing with others.