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Worthington Clark Pty Ltd

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  • 8.30 am - 6.00 pm Monday - Friday
  • 1981

We find people…

 …for Corporations & Custodians

Locate owners of unclaimed property so they regain control of their holdings and you retain connected clients and investors.

 …for Solicitors & Trustees

Identify legitimate beneficiaries so you can successfully administer deceased estates.

 …for Individuals

Find living and lost relatives or undertake the highest quality genealogical research into your family history.


About us

For over 30 years Worthington Clark has leveraged our depth and breadth of genealogy research skills and resources to assist individuals and executors, solicitors and trustees, companies and custodians with locating and reconnecting with lost, unknown or forgotten people, property and assets.

 We offer unique business opportunities to our clients because we recognise that each client is different Our customised services are as specific or as broad as required and  fully supported by our professional, friendly staff. We are proud of our proven track record and value the trusted relationships we build with our clients.

 Our specialist research and case management services have benefited clients all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and Europe.

Our services

Probate Genealogy

We research and identify heirs and beneficiaries to estates on behalf of legal and trustee entities in Australia and internationally.

Family Histories

Our professional genealogists assist in the compilation of comprehensive family history material, including original documentation for individuals and media companies.

Unclaimed Property Services

We research and locate owners of unclaimed property to assist them in reconnecting and recovering property and assets belonging to them.

Outreach Programs

We locate and write on behalf of companies, custodians and solicitors to clients who have lost touch with their assets. These assets may become unclaimed property should reunification not occur.