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Wodonga Family History Society Inc.

  • P. O. Box 289, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia
  • 026024563220
  • website
Library Charges
  • Members free. Visitors $5 per session
Research Costs
  • Initial cost $15.00 plus business sized SAE envelope.
Open Hours
  • Our research library is located at Wodonga City Library, Hovell Street, Wodonga. Opening times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. Thursdays 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm. Other times can be arranged for visitors, by appointment.
Approximate Membership
  • 120
Membership Cost
  • Joining fee $5.00, Membership fees: Single $30.00, Joint(2) $40.00, Student/concession $18.00.
  • "Borderline News", published quarterly.
  • 1987

In 1987 a group of people from  Albury Historical Society formed the idea  to start Wodonga Family History Society.  Their were 35 people at the foundation  meeting of this group on 8th May 1987 which was held in St. Patrick‚Äôs Parish Church.  The second meeting was held at the Mormon Centre on 20th May 1987. 

OUR CLUB  began its life as the Wodonga and Districts Group of the G.S.V. on the 15th June, 1988, with an inaugural meeting at the Wodonga High School, attended by thirty-seven genealogically minded people, seventeen of whom were already members of the G.S.V.
 INCORPORATION finally took place in October 1992 and we became the "Wodonga Family History Society Inc."    A proud moment!






OUR LOGO was created in July 1989, the result of the combined efforts of April Padbury, Wayne Bedella, Gavan Brown, and Susanne Pendlebury.   It was designed to represent the areas of our district and the four points of the compass.

AIMS - There were several stated aims, one of which was to lift the club membership to fifty and this was quickly achieved.   Another was the creation of a register of local resources.   A suggestion was made that we could spend one hundred dollars on reference books to start our library .  Our research and reference library, located in the Wodonga Regional Library, now has a comprehensive range of information  including  books, CDs and microfiche.  The library is open to the public at set times three days per week and there is always a willing member there to help. 






Our 100th member was Ken Hartnett and we reached this milestone in May 1996.   Our membership now fluctuates around this number as people complete their research and new members join up.   In fact a total of 400 members have passed through the Society since its inception.  
OUR WEBSITE was launched on the 9th September, 2004, by Andrew McPhee our webmaster, and has been a resounding success with over 40,000 visitors to date.

MEETING PLACES varied, and in August 1988 we met at the Albury Library  then in the next month we met at the Wodonga High School.   By  January 1989 we started discussions with the Wodonga Library regarding our need for rooms. We even spent six months in the Youth Services Building in Wodonga.  In March 2000 we began holding our meetings at the Felltimber Community Centre.  Meetings are now held on the third Tuesday of each month (except December).



TRIPS are reularly organised to a variety of genealogical resource centres, the first being a bus trip to the GSV in August, 1988.   Since then we have been to the Wagga archives, to A.I.G.S in Blackburn, to the State Library, to the P.R.O. , Latter Day Saints and in 2010 we visited the National Library, National Archives and National Museum in Canberra.   

 SEMINARS have been held almost every year with speakers such as Heather Garnsey and Martyn Killian in 1995;   with the Victorian State Library in 1997;   with Lady Mary Teviot in 2000;    Ada Ackerly in 2002;   and with Lis Allan and Beryl O'Gorman and the VAFHO "Diverse Deathly Details" both in 2007.  Our major achievement however was to host the Fourth Victorian State Family History Conference in 2001, which ran for three days and was attended by 150 people. 

FUNDRAISING was needed to keep all our activities going, and  to stock up our library which was growing quickly, and one early method was a trading table..   We then commenced our regular Street Stall in November, we held Garage Sales, we printed and sold calendars, we held Antique Appraisal Days, Silver Circle Competitions,  Raffles and Tatts Lotto Tickets, Book Sales for the Library..   You name it  -  we ran it and raised money for our club. We now have two main fundraising activities a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle and annual Street Stall.


At our monthly meetings we have guest speakers on a varied range of subjects and we also hold nights where our members contribute items of interest and give talks on their own research. 

Our activities also include two story writing competitions , the Townsend Trophy which commenced in 1996 in memory of Gwen Townsend, and  which  is run every two years, and the Wayne Bedella Trophy in memory of Wayne, our former President. The Wayne Bedella competition which was instituted in 2002 is run yearly and there are two levels of competition.  










We are all proud to belong to such a successful Club, and are aware that this very success is due to the hard work and dedication of all the members, past and present, who have contributed so much time and effort.














































One of our current projects is compiling a Pioneer Index for our district. Our projected timeline for publication is early 2011. Other local records are expected to be published as they are completed.
We recently completed and published on CD the Wodonga Burial Records and Monumental Inscriptions, as well as Wodonga and Yackandandah Rates.
A number of local cemeteries have been indexed have been published in printed format.
Early Yackandandah Rates have been published on microfiche.