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Scottish House

  • PO Box 1065 Guildford NSW 2161
  • 02 96817705
  • website
Library Charges
  • Members: $1 per hr/Visitors: $4 per hr plus photocopying 20c page
Research Costs
  • Initial Cost $15 then by agreement/ simple research $10 per hour
Open Hours
  • 10am to 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday each week February to December each year
Approximate Membership
  • 150
Membership Cost
  • Single $20, Family $25, Clans & organisations $30 (per year)
  • Scottish Connection - quarterly
  • 1997

Scottish House - Australian Scottish Cultural & Information Centre Inc is a not-for-profit organisation set up to provide Scottish Australians with a cultural centre and to provide a meeting place for Scottish groups, members and visitors.

There is internet access and a reference library of Scottish and Northern Irish (Ulster) books and magazines open to the public with assistance and advice available for those involved in family history and research.

There is involvement in major Scottish and Celtic related events around the state, and in holding affordable functions and in supplying facilities for teaching of Scottish traditions and culture. eg Gaelic lessons.


Ulster Scots