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Approximate Membership
  • 75,000,000
Membership Cost
  • Free for Basic (Premium and PremiumPlus at cost)
  • 2005

MyHeritage is the world's largest family-based social network. We help members create their family trees, share family photos and organize their genealogical information online. In addition to the website, MyHeritage also offers donwloadable family tree software called "Family Tree Builder".

As of October 2013 MyHeritage has

  • more than 75 million members
  • 1.5 billion online profiles
  • 27 million family trees
  • 200 million photos

The site iis accessible in 36 languages.

Family trees can also be visualized and compared to one another to find overlaps. The service includes face recognition technology to tag photos automatically based on who appears in them and leading edge research tools.