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Logan River and District Family History Society Inc.

Library Charges
  • Non-members $10:00 per day
Research Costs
  • Members no charge.
Open Hours
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:30am to 1:30pm
Approximate Membership
  • 75
Membership Cost
  • Single: $35:00, Dual: $50:00
  • Dugullumba Times

In May 2005 a small group started up in Beenleigh decided to start a society up when we heard from Glenys Prins of the Logan River and District Family History Society Inc were going to close due to lack of membership. It was decided to join this group and save them and move the group to the Beenleigh and District Historical Village. We out grew the space at the Vizllage and moved to the Kingston Butter Factory where we had been offered a space. From an initial membership of 14 we have now grown to 78 members (Sep 2014). We have grown our library to hold over 1500 books, 500 CD's, numerous microfiche and magazines. We also offer members and non-members several different courses including Family History for beginners (which is held at least twice a year). We are a friendly group and there is always someone there to give a helping hand to help you further your research. We alternate our meeting days between Thursdays and Saturday throughout the year and we always have a guest speaker at these meetings.


We are now researching a book on the Early Settlers of the Kingston and Woodridge area of Queensland.