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History from the Heart

My name is Annie Payne and I started History from the Heart to help people save their family stories before time passes and memories fade.

These stories of your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts are the flowers and foliage on your family tree. Without them your tree is pretty bare - just names, places and dates and we all know from history lessons at school how boring this can be.

Your family's stories add meaning to the lives of your ancestors. They help you understand some of the decisions they made - many of which will have affected your family in one way or another - deciding to emigrate to Australia, for instance.

I can help you gather and preserve your family stories for future generations of your family. We do this in many ways by helping you in all aspects of the project so that you and your stories will live for decades to come. To find out more about just follow this link.

The measure of a family's character is not what they get from their ancestors, but what they leave for their descendants.