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Find your Swedish ancestry


Johan Gronberg is a professional genealogist in Sweden doing genealogy research for clients from all over the world. Johan has university degrees in history, sociology, journalism, ethnology and political science and has over 15 years of experience as a genelogist. If you need help to trace your Swedish ancestors and to help you find living relatives in Sweden, Johan is the professional genealogist you should contact.

Services I provide:

  • Find out about the Swedish part of your ancestry.
  • Find living relatives in Sweden that you can contact and maybe visit.
  • Identify from where your Swedish ancestors came in Sweden.
  • Confirm family stories of your Swedish ancestors that have been passed down for generations.
  • Learn about your Swedish surname.
  • Confirm previous genealogy of your Swedish ancestors that you have inherited or done yourself.
  • Need help to translate Swedish documents, letters or estate inventorys regarding your Swedish ancestors.
  • Needs help to interpret your Swedish connection through DNA Ancestry or Family Tree DNA.
  • Needs genealogy research in Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Johan is a member of APG - Association of Professional Genealogists