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Calico Pie Ltd (Family Historian)


Calico Pie is the publisher of Family Historian, the UK's leading genealogy program.  Family Historian has won numerous awards from specialist geneaogy magazines and generalist magazines alike.  It has an innovative user interface with a strong emphasis on the visual.  As well as introducing some completely new diagram types - such as its unique 'All Relatives' diagram - it breaks new ground in interactivity.  Users can expand and close tree branches to explore family relationships visually, and  can even click-and-drag to add relatives.  Diagrams are dynamic and update automatically when data is changed.

Family Historian's support for pictures is another noteworthy feature.  You can link people to faces in pictures, and then use these faces in generated diagrams, reports, Family Tree CDs and websites, with no need for cropping.

Although much-praised for its ease of use, this has not been at the expense of power or flexibility.  The program has numerous features which allow it to be extended and customized in numerous ways.  We believe it to be the most powerful genealogy program that there is.