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Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

Approximate Membership
  • 150
Membership Cost
  • Single AUD$ 35.00, Family AUD$ 40.00. NZ and PNG add $5 all other countries add $10.
  • '14-'18 Journal is our annual publication which is free to all members.
  • Our Newsletter is a quartley publication
  • 1962

Since 1962, the Australian Society of World War One Aero Historians has provided a Sydney based forum for World War One aviation enthusiasts. The Society publishes an annual Journal and quarterly newsletters, and in addition it engages in a varied program of meetings, outings, talks, and other activities.

Membership covers a wide cross-section of interests, including historical research, scale and flying modelling, book collecting, medals, memorabilia - and much more.

The Society meets quarterly at Victoria Barracks, Building 96, Oxford St, Paddington, NSW. The meetings are held in February, May, August and November, on the third Saturday of the month, for commencement times please refer to the side newsbar. Proceedings commence with a brief business meeting, followed by afternoon tea, and conclude with an entertainment segment. This may consist of a talk, video show, modelling exhibition, or any of a number of activities with a WW1 aviation theme.


Our BJV Database contains biographical entries for over 5000 Australians that served in the air forces of the Great war. We are digitizing interviews with over 40 men who served during the Great War. Our members also get access to our extensive photographic collection, which we believe is of national significance.


Anyone who has an interest in WW1 Aviation. We have an extensive database of Australians that served in the flying services during the Great War.