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  • 2005

How far can you trace your Family Tree?

Not sure, let us help you find out.

  •  We can help you search for your family tree, finding the road to long-lost relatives.

You have some names and dates but haven't got around to putting it all together or don't have the time? - Then let us help you.

  • We can start with what you already have and work from there.


Family Tree Research

At Ancestry Victoria, we take a professional attitude to the service we provide for you.

If we start searching and find that the likelihood of success is very limited, we will inform you and ask if you wish us to continue. You may wish us to stop then, and any payment made to us will be refunded, less any out-of-pocket expenses already incurred. Before continuing, we would give you an estimate of likely progress and costs. If any of the items we produce for you and send to you arrives damaged, we will replace it with no further charge. Our services commence from the information you provide to us. Download our research data request form.

The more you can tell us, the further we can go. For example, if you can give us details of your parents dates of birth, marriage and death (if they have passed away), then we are able to usually provide the information up to these three levels of standard searching, as follows: Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Package Price List

Bronze Package (Starter Pack)

We can generally find statutory records to verify the initial data, and follow back from there one or two generations within Australia. For most of our clients that means sufficient details of ancestors to have an impressive chart, similar to the one illustrated on this brochure, ideal for framing and hanging where it can be seen and admired. Australians who have fought for their country are notable finds which we can often trace. That is often plenty to be able to show your own offspring, giving them a great feel for where they came from.

Silver Package

At this level, we generally go back through records of the 19th century (back to the early 1800s), and you never know, we may even find a convict or some other celebrated forebear. Obviously, the further back we go, the more difficult it tends to be to uncover records from days when safe keeping of such records was fraught with more unpredictable possibilities, and verification is more difficult.

Gold Package

Going back further, often to a point where ancestors have been born overseas, and shipping records are vital in establishing connections, involves other sources of data, and the benefit of our experience. Different spelling of names, for example, can be a problem which was naturally caused by lower rates of literacy than we take for granted these days. The information we already have by this stage can be expanded on, with the searching of details of siblings, i.e., brothers and sisters of those we have found. Family trees can expand in an endless set of directions, as every marriage introduces more ancestors and more descendants

Our Fees

All of our fees cover our time spent in searching the appropriate records and include the charges made to copy records we find. The standard fees cover presentation of results either by email, disk or unframed paper. If you wish the results to be framed, we will quote separately once your order has been received.

Package Price List

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will arrange a price to suit your budget after starting from our Starter Pack of $99.00.


Family Tree Archive Service

Preserve and Celebrate Your Family History 

Do you have your family tree in boxes?

Maybe you have written it all by hand and either don't have the time or don't know how to enter all that valuable information into a genealogy program?

Let us be your family archivist.

For only $1 a name, we can input your ancestral information on to a genealogist's computer program, and also print it out for you.

Just send us the information you have, and you can have the product of our work for no extra charge, in both electronic and printed form.

There will be:

  • family group sheets
  • pedigree charts, and
  • a gedcom file.

The electronic form can be a CD or an email or attachment to an email.

The printed form will show your family tree professionally presented, on parchment paper, up to A3 size (or larger if requested for over 100 names), ideal for framing and display.

Framing would be an additional cost, which can be quoted on request.

We use Family Tree Maker software and have access to other programs allowing us different styles of charts to display your family tree.


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