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50 Year Wedding Anniversary Song

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The lovliest 50th Wedding Anniversary song EVER!

If you'd like to REALLY surprise your mum and dad...or someone who is celebrating their 50th wedding Anniversary...

Give them the CD "Songs of the Garden". It includes the song "The Garden Waltz"...about a 50th Wedding Anniversary held in the garden and all the family and friends are there. You'll even hear the laughter of the grandchildren. Two of the daughters have a secret surprise...they have brought their Cello and Violin...and they strike up a waltz for their mum and their dad...and they give their mum some words to sing to their dad as they play. Get the CD...play it at the celebration and their won't be a dry eye...

The rest of the CD has beautiful songs for garden lovers sverywhere...I wrote it just for you. You can order through the website

or just email and I'll respond


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