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Seven Years in the Australian Bush

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Written in Sydney in 1877 by James B Stevenson, this book was published in 1880 and tells how he spent his first seven years in the bush in the Australian colonies. He arrived during the 1860s in Moreton Bay and travelled to Rockhampton – he was there when the famous bushranger Gardiner was brought in by the police. Following his life as a roving bushman he resided in Sydney.

Those who have not seen it can form no idea of the scene on board an emigrant vessel upon the day of landing. It is impossible to describe the awful confusion. The scramble for boxes and cases, the gruff voices of the sailors and male passengers, mingled with the shrill cries of women and children, all form a babel, which must be seen and heard to be properly appreciated. After this had continued for some hours, we were at last all stowed on board the steamers, and, giving three cheers for the old ship, were soon steaming away for the entrance of the river.