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My Wife and I in Queensland

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Published in London in 1872, this book by Charles H. Eden recounts his experience of eight years in Queensland as well as giving an account of Polynesian labour in the colony. He strives truthfully to set before the reader the kind of life a gentleman may expect to meet in Queensland – the fact that his wife shared with me most of the hardships and adventures which it was my lot to encounter, has enabled me to give some idea of the life of an English lady in the bush, which I believe has never before been related.


It was on a fine evening in the beginning of the year 1863, that I stood amongst a crowd of passengers and a miscellaneous heap of baggage on the deck of the good ship “Queen of the South”, and gazed a long farewell to old Ireland as the already dim Head of Kinsale slowly sank beneath the horizon ...

The twelve chapters cover First Experiences, Bush in Earnest, Our Bush Home, Station Life, Bush Incidents, Return Journey, Shepherding Under Difficulties, Long March, Turn at the Diggings, Sugar Planting, Polynesian Labour Act, and Our South Sea Islanders. Places mentioned include Mount McDonnell, Bowen (Port Denison), Townsville, Gladstone, Gympie, Brisbane, Funnel Creek, Nebo and many more.