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Last Voyage to India and Australia in the 'Sunbeam' by Lady Brassey 1886-1887

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Published posthumously in 1889, this book by Annie Brassey describes her last voyage to India and Australia on the luxury yacht "Sunbeam". The voyage was undertaken to improve her health but, in late 1887 on the way to Mauritius, she died of malaria and was buried at sea.

The book is based on the journal Annie kept and touches on many ports around the world – Bombay, Jubbulpore, Hyderabad, Poona, Goa, Colombo, Rangoon, Labuan, Eleopura, Celebes, Albany, Adelaide, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Prince of Wales’ Island. An appendix written by Lord Brassey covers the voyage from Darnley Island to Darwin, Mauritius, Cape of Good Hope and the return to England.

... I am not sure that I should enjoy my time in Australia so much if I had not a certain belief in "kismet"; for travelling out here is certainly very full of risk. What with unbroken horses, rickety carts, inexperienced drivers, rotten and ill-made harness put on the wrong way, bad roads, reckless driving, and a general total indifference to the safety of life and limb, a journey is always an exciting, and sometimes a risky, experience."

There are numerous illustrations and two maps – one showing the route of the voyage and the other a map of India.