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A History of New South Wales: From Its Settlement to the Year 1844

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In two volumes, Thomas Henry Braim’s History of New South Wales from Its Settlement to the close of the year 1844 gives a comprehensive look at this period of the history of New South Wales.

The first section examines the discovery and early history of the colony during the governments of Captain Phillip, Captain Hunter, Captain King, Captain Bligh, Major-General Macquarie, Sir Thomas Brisbane and Lieutenant-General Darling. It then covers the later history looking at the sale and occupation of Crown Lands, immigration, the cessation of transportation, and some of the acts of the government and Legislative Council.

The second volume gives an overview of the Legislative Council, the colonial church, education, climatology and diseases, Aborigines, and Sydney and its environs as well as providing a useful chapter on various statistics relating to the colony.

'Many private schools have been established in Sydney, at different parts of the colony, by men of respectable attainments and character. The oldest established, and one of the most flourishing of these is called the Normal Institution, conducted by Mr. H. Gordon. Among the pupils on this establishment was an interesting and intelligent Aboriginal native youth, placed here by the liberality of a private gentleman in the interior. This youth displayed considerable shrewdness and quickness ....'